How we make E10

How we make Ethanol

Renewable fuels, such as ethanol are produced from agricultural products such as wheat and sugar cane. An important fact about ethanol is that unlike fossil fuels it is made from a renewable resource, Australian agricultural crops that can be grown again and again.
Manildra Group makes its ethanol from waste as part of an integrated manufacturing process at our Nowra plant. As part of this process flour is separated into gluten (protein) and starch. The protein is removed from flour and is sold to food manufacturers worldwide. Starch is used by a number of businesses within the confectionary, beverage and paper industries.
The residual starch from this process is fermented and converted to Ethanol, which is simply alcohol.
Ethanol is sold into the fuel industry for use in E10 which is 10% ethanol, 90% unleaded petrol and E85 which is 85% ethanol and 15% unleaded petrol.
Industrial ethanol is used in pharmaceutical products and products such as methylated spirits, aerosol sprays and printing inks.
The waste from ethanol production is turned in to a protein rich livestock feed that supplements the diet of hundreds of thousands of cattle in Australia, New Zealand and the international market.